I know I mentioned this about a week ago but it’s official now me and my best friend are coming out with a lesbian movie

Really tho

If I was seeing anyone
You guys would be the first to know and you know it



what if you got a dollar for everytime you masturbated 



It has gotten to the point in my life where my social life is non existent, once again. Due to working more hours and being in finals and really working super hard on putting photoshoots together. I hardly get to see my friends and in all honesty I haven’t seen them since January until now. And we live in the same city and less than 8 miles away from each other but we are just so busy and in our heads “far away” from each other. So I catch up with them I tell them about my photoshoots they tell me what they’ve been up to and then the ultimate question drops, “so who’s the girl you’re seeing now?” “What happened with the Canadian chick?” “Still talking to ex?” “Who’s the new girl?”
And I break it to them that I’m not seeing anyone or whining about my ex and being all pathetic and shit and they are impressed, I know what pops into their head is “OH REALLY NO GIRL HUH”
Yes it’s true you’re dear friend Krissy is more than single and fucking exhausted. No time to talk, no time to whine or cry about someone who lives in another country. I have no feelings for anyone. And it’s okay and it will be like that for a while.
Annoying how I have to convince them a few times that I’m REALLY NOT seeing anyone.